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Wage And Hour

Wage and hour lawsuits generally comprise claims from previous- and sometimes even current- employees claiming they were not paid all of their overtime, sick leave, paid time off (PTO) or vacation hours.  Many times, this former or current employee will claim that they were improperly classified as an “exempt” employee, when they should have been “non-exempt” and thus should have received overtime pay.  These claims can quickly add up and potentially incur large penalties.  Wage and hour lawsuits often surprise employers, particularly because frequently the lawsuit is filed after the employee has left employment.

Hunt Ortmann offers targeted advice to companies of all sizes in effort to prevent and resolve disputes relating to unpaid employee wages.  We understand and appreciate the significant impact wage litigation can have on a business.  We develop legal strategies that best serve our clients interest, minimize liability, and protect their bottom line.

We provide a variety of services to aid our clients in wage and hour issues including:

  • Performing audits of employers wage payment practices and policies to ensure that they comply with Federal and State laws
  • Advising employers on timekeeping and recordkeeping requirements
  • Advising employers on classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt from overtime
  • Advising employers on classifying workers as independent contractors
  • Advising employers on “off the clock” and inaccurate time record claims
  • Advising employers on meal and rest periods
  • Advising employers on vacation and sick pay
  • Drafting employee handbooks and manuals
  • Drafting employee/independent contractor/severance agreements
  • Representing employers in all facets of wage litigation (including single-plaintiff, class, collective, and hybrid actions in federal and state courts), arbitration and Department of Labor administrative proceedings

Our goal is to offer employers preventative and cost effective solutions to foreseeable wage and hour issues to preserve the success of your business.  For more information, or to speak with someone directly, please contact us.

For more information about Hunt Ortmann’s Employment Law Group, CLICK HERE.

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"Honest, caring, and extremely effective in collecting and fair on my cost. Thanks again for the excellent service provided."
Dave F.

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